A patient’s first post-hospital diagnosis

A clinician who works in a social-work practice in New Zealand has launched a crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter to help her patients find the information they need to make accurate post-traumatic diagnosis.

Clinical psychologist Sarah White-Porter is raising $1,000 to fund a new post-hoc diagnostic guide that she says can help people make more accurate post hospital diagnoses.

Her campaign, which launched on Friday, aims to raise $1m to develop the tool, which would be used to help patients find out if they have an anxiety disorder and a post-concussion syndrome.

“I’ve worked with a lot of people that have been through post-event and post-surgical trauma, but have not had the information that I’m about to introduce them to,” Ms White-Pratt told RN Breakfast on Friday.

“They’ve had a lot more anxiety or post-injury stress symptoms, so they’re not necessarily prepared to really do what they need, so now I’m going to help them do that.”

Ms White-Poland is a clinical psychologist and clinical social worker who specializes in treating patients with post-mortem stress disorder and post traumatic stress disorder.

“When I look at a lot who have experienced trauma, the first thing I think about is the post-victim impact and how their life has changed.”

What I want to do is look at the way that they deal with their PTSD and post trauma stress disorder, and hopefully they’ll see that they can do more with it than just get a new job or do some other job.

“Ms Whit-Powers first noticed a problem with the post injury support programme when she was a young student.”

As I was going through my first semester in college, I had some anxiety attacks and I couldn’t really concentrate,” she said.”

It was really hard for me to find the right words to describe my symptoms.

“So I started researching how to help my students get through their trauma better and then decided to do a research project to find out what else they could do to improve their quality of life after a trauma.”

Ms Wright said she was initially skeptical of the project, believing the post trauma support programme would just help people with mental health problems.

“But I found that there were a lot people that were really able to get through it, and I also discovered a lot other people who had actually had a traumatic experience and they were able to really make that adjustment to the world,” she told RN.

“So it’s something that has really really helped a lot.”

Ms Whites latest project, The Pre-Post-Traumatic Support Guide, will help people who have suffered a traumatic event to better understand how to deal with post trauma symptoms, including anxiety and post traumas.

The post-trauma support guide, which will be available for free, will include advice on how to avoid triggers, how to stay on top of symptoms and provide information to the patient.

“This is the first guide that I’ve put together that really focuses on what I believe to be the most important aspects of post-conflict recovery, and what I feel is the most useful,” Ms Wright said.

“It’s really focused on the first steps, like how to get on with your life after the event, and then the second steps, how do you actually manage post-stress and PTSD.”

The Pre-Trauma Support Guide is available for $25 online or $29.99 in print.

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A clinician who works in a social-work practice in New Zealand has launched a crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter to help…

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