A pet care clinic in Kerala has reportedly turned away animals due to a lack of facilities

A petcare clinic in Tamil Nadu has turned away pets due to lack of space, sources said on Wednesday.

The animal care centre in Thimma, Tamil Nadu, had closed its doors for the last four months, but it had not turned away anyone.

Its owners had to give up the dog, which had been at the centre for a few years.

“They had to surrender it to the animal welfare department and the facility had to be completely renovated and re-opened.

This was a decision that was taken because we could not meet the demand for new facilities,” the owner said.”

It’s not just about a lack in facilities, but also a lack among staff.

Many of the staff have left the place,” he said.

Thimma has a population of about 20 dogs and cats.

“A lot of them have been coming to the facility because they are too scared of humans,” he added.

Animal welfare officials said that a large number of animals had been left at the shelter.

“Many people were in the shelter for several days and even a few days they could not manage to manage the number of pets,” said P.K. Pandya, secretary of Animal Welfare Council of India.

Pandya said that the shelter was overcrowded, and the animals had become a burden.

“We have taken it on ourselves to take care of the animals.

We’ve taken care of all the animals that came from the animal shelter, but unfortunately there is a lot of space left at this place.

If we had more space, we could take care and provide proper veterinary care,” he told Al Jazeera.

Animal Welfare Council spokesperson P.N. Chatterjee said the centre had already spent Rs 2 lakh on veterinary care, and there was not enough space.

“We are taking it on board to give the animals a better living,” he explained.

Animal Care Centre officials said the reason for the closure was due to rising costs.

“There is a need for a change in the management structure of the centre, as it was under the supervision of one person,” Chatterji said.

“The centre had a poor record in keeping the animals’ welfare.

The staff and management had been misbehaving with them.”‘

Pets are not just a pet, they are our children’In a recent interview, Kerala’s animal rights activist P. Venkataraman told Al JAI that the animals were a part of the Kerala family.

“I have spent my life working for animal rights and have a lot to give,” he insisted.

“I want my children to have a safe environment to play and socialise with animals.

I want them to be happy with what they have.”

The animals’ lives are closely tied to the lives of people, he added, adding that the centre’s staff were also responsible for feeding the animals, which was a violation of the animal’s right to life.

The centre is also responsible, however, for the dogs’ care.

“Pets and people are one and the same,” Venkaraan said.

A petcare clinic in Tamil Nadu has turned away pets due to lack of space, sources said on Wednesday.The animal…

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