Animal medical clinic shuts down after fatal shooting

A clinical animal medical facility in the US is closing its doors following a fatal shooting, the animal medical group UnityPoint reported on Monday.

The UnityPoint clinic was in the process of closing its gates for the first time in almost three years when an employee fired at least three rounds into the ground, UnityPoint President David A. Phelan told ABC News.

The incident happened at the clinic at 100 South High Street in Washington, DC, where Phela was a clinic director, the group said in a statement.

PHelan said his staff was on the scene before the shooting and found the shooter, a male, dead on the ground.

Phelan said the shooter had been working for UnityPoint for more than three years and was working at the animal clinic on a full-time basis, as well as being a part-time veterinarian at the facility.

The group said UnityPoint has been working closely with the medical examiner to find out the exact circumstances surrounding the shooting.

The clinic’s veterinarian, Michael Schaffer, is also a part time veterinarian at UnityPoint.

Schaffer said he was not at the scene of the shooting but he did see an employee run to the clinic after the shooting was reported.

He said he then called the police and the shooting had been contained.

He said the shooting happened about 6:30 a.m. local time, but said police have not released any details about the shooting to protect the privacy of the victims.

A clinical animal medical facility in the US is closing its doors following a fatal shooting, the animal medical group…

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