‘Apharma industry needs to take responsibility’ for allergies

Ireland has a history of the coronavirus pandemic, and some people may be feeling more vulnerable to the virus as a result of a recent surge in the number of deaths, including a man in his 40s who died from anaphylaxis in February.

The latest statistics from the Irish Medical Organisation (IMO) reveal a surge in deaths in the country since January, including two cases linked to the coronivirus.

It’s also the second consecutive month of a sharp increase in coronaviruses recorded by the country’s health service.

The last time Ireland saw a surge was in January 2016, when there were 10,000 new cases and deaths.

The IMA has warned that the pandemic may not be over and that there could be an increase in infections in the coming months.

It said the “real concern is that the recent spikes in coronovirus cases are being used to increase the incidence of non-medical conditions, including asthma and COPD, which can also increase the likelihood of more deaths”.

The agency’s chief executive, Dr Tom Byrne, said the IMA’s latest figures are an indicator that coronavides continue to be a “key public health issue” in Ireland.

Dr Byrne said the Irish health service was in a “very difficult position” and the government needed to take the lead to ensure there were no new cases.

The government has also been criticised for not putting in place measures to protect against the coronoviruses, such as limiting outdoor activities and restricting people to indoor areas.

The country has had a coronaviral pandemic since the summer of 2015, with more than 1,500 cases.

Ireland has a history of the coronavirus pandemic, and some people may be feeling more vulnerable to the virus as…

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