Billings clinic: ‘We have been waiting for this for more than 30 years’

The first billings clinic in the state of Montana, Billings Clinic, opened in 1994.

But in 2015, a devastating fire destroyed the building and the clinic.

On April 2, 2017, a fire broke out at the clinic and forced the closure.

Since then, the clinic has been shuttered and residents are not allowed to return.

The billings facility is one of three such facilities in Montana.

The other two are located in Montana’s western and eastern counties.

They are both closed.

Residents have lived in temporary housing for almost a year.

Some say the clinic is now the only clinic in Montana that can provide them with basic healthcare.

Billings patients can receive the free care provided by the clinic but they must register for a prescription.

In addition to the prescription, Billing Clinic residents must also have a health insurance plan.

They can also receive vaccinations, if they are on the state’s health care rolls.

A billings resident can also take a self-evaluation test that takes about three hours.

Residents can also get an appointment with their doctor to discuss their healthcare options.

On March 21, 2018, the billings health clinic was reopened and people were able to get prescriptions.

But the clinic’s owners say the program was shut down because the government shutdown last summer.

‘The bills are not going to get funded’ “The bills for the billing clinic are not being funded,” Billings Health Services Manager Bill Hargadon told Al Jazeera.

“The state is not providing the funding that we need to run a billings healthcare clinic, and we’ve had to shut it down.”

Billings residents have been in temporary shelter since the fire.

“Our bills are coming up and they’re not going.

We have to be homeless for the next three months, for the rest of the winter,” said Rachel Stiles, who is a resident of the billes clinic.

The bills are being paid by the government.

But they are not covered by the state, and the state is asking residents to apply for help.

Hargidon said the bill payments program was not an option when the clinic was established.

“We have to pay for the rent, and that’s not being covered by taxpayers,” Hargas said.

“And we have no money to help our residents out with rent, medical expenses, and utilities.

That’s why we have to shut down the bill and not provide any services.”

The bill payments clinic has received a small amount of funding in recent years but the money has been a problem for residents.

In February 2018, Billingham County Auditor Dave DeHaan estimated that there were roughly $1.6 million in bills for bills that are currently being paid.

According to DeHaans office, Billie Stiles received her first bill in March.

“That was a shock to the system, that they had not paid our bill yet,” Stiles said.

Stiles’ bill has been paying for herself for about three months.

“I was in shock, but I just had to continue,” Stile said.

Hanging in the wind: The billers clinic in Billings, Montana.

Residents at the billers health clinic in 2017.

Al Jazeera’s Matt Loughlin reports from the Montana state capital, Billington, Montana, the state capital of Helena, Montana and the town of Billings.

The first billings clinic in the state of Montana, Billings Clinic, opened in 1994.But in 2015, a devastating fire destroyed…

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