Cat and dog hospital in Melbourne to open in 2019

Cat and canine clinic will open in Melbourne in 2019.

Cat and dog clinic will reopen in 2019 in the heart of Melbourne’s CBD.

The cat and dog facility, which was opened in the CBD in 2014, is one of the first animal hospitals in Australia to open.

Dr Matthew Watson, the CEO of Cat and Dog Health, said the facility would open in March 2019.

“The cats and dogs at Cat and Dogs will be receiving all the veterinary care they need in an environment that is comfortable and safe for their health,” Dr Watson said.

Dr Watson said the new facility would provide care for the homeless, with the focus being on the animals.

“We’ve been working on a plan with the City of Melbourne, which is a partnership between Cat and the Melbourne Homeless Services to create a network of temporary accommodation for the cats and the dogs,” Dr Watson said.

“They are currently being housed in temporary accommodation at the Southbank Centre and we’re hoping to provide them with permanent housing in the future.”

Cat and Dog clinic will be operated by Cat and Pet Health, which will be based in the same building as the new Cat and Vet clinic.

Dr Watson also said that the facility was in talks with the Department of Primary Industries, which oversees animal health, about opening another animal hospital in the city.

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Cat and canine clinic will open in Melbourne in 2019.Cat and dog clinic will reopen in 2019 in the heart…

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