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How to be a successful surgeon: ‘The more you learn, the better you get’

AUSTIN, Texas — A young surgeon has a simple message for all of us struggling to become successful surgeons: “The…

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How to be a better nurse-practitioner: How a vanguard of doctors has changed the profession

When you’re a nurse, the next step in your career is to become a clinical researcher.Clinical research is a medical…

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Aussie woman arrested in Thailand for ‘cruelty to animals’

A 28-year-old Australian woman was arrested for ‘failing to comply with the Humane Treatment of Animals Act’ in Thailand, according…

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How to stop a migraine from hitting you on the head? Here’s how to get rid of it

I’ve been suffering from a migraine attack for the past month and a half.I’ve also been having a couple of…

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How to get your dog’s medicine on Facebook

Facebook is giving users more options to get the latest dog medical news and advice.Now, users can easily find out…

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Westside animal shelter euthanizes 10 dogs after they become sick

WASHINGTON — Westside Animal Shelter euthanized 10 dogs Monday after they became sick and became aggressive toward people.The shelter said…

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A pet care clinic in Kerala has reportedly turned away animals due to a lack of facilities

A petcare clinic in Tamil Nadu has turned away pets due to lack of space, sources said on Wednesday.The animal…

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Hospitals to be upgraded in Kerala as drought hits

Hospitals in Kerala will be upgraded to provide more emergency care to the people affected by the drought.The state government…

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How to find your next pet clinic in Portland

The pet insurance market is changing.Now that you’re looking to start a new career, you may have heard of PetCo’s…

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