How do you know if your dog has heart disease?

We can tell if your pet has heart or lung disease by examining its bloodwork.

But how do we know if it has the disease?

We know that certain blood tests are sensitive to the presence of certain chemicals in the blood and are more sensitive than others.

And if your cat has a heart disease test, it’s unlikely that your dog or cat has it.

The risk is very high.

You can find out if your animal has heart, lung or liver disease by checking their blood test results.

But this isn’t always easy.

For example, if your vet tells you your dog may have a heart condition, you can test your dog for it too.

If your dog is positive for heart disease, they may recommend you get a second opinion and take your pet to the vet.

If your vet says the test is negative, the vet will recommend that you get another test.

It’s not always possible to do this.

In most cases, your vet will suggest that you test your pet at home or in the office.

A simple blood test for heart diseases is not accurate enough to tell you if your canine has the illness.

So, if you do test your animal for heart or lungs disease, it is highly likely that your pet is heart disease.

If you’re not sure whether your dog might have heart disease you may want to see your vet.

Dr Sarah McDonough is a veterinary health expert and a member of the VetDogs Trust.

She has been a GP since 2001 and has seen thousands of pets, dogs and other animals.

She has published a book called The Vet’s Companion that tells you everything you need to know about dogs and vets.

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We can tell if your pet has heart or lung disease by examining its bloodwork.But how do we know if…

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