How to buy and sell Bitcoins in Tennessee

Murfreesport, TN (CN) — The Tennessean is reporting that a Nashville-area medical clinic is selling the cryptocurrency Bitcoin.

The Tennessee Department of Health said it is the first of its kind in the state.

It said it has been working with the facility to provide an easy way for patients to purchase and sell the digital currency.

The hospital is located in the small town of Murfordsville, near Nashville.

Its website shows it offers health services to low-income patients.

“We are thrilled to be partnering with Murfree Springs Clinic to offer our patients the opportunity to purchase Bitcoin, the world’s first truly decentralized cryptocurrency, to treat patients in need,” Dr. James McPherson, chief medical officer of MurFreespring, said in a statement.

McPherton said the clinic is seeking donations for its Bitcoin vending machines to help pay for operating expenses.

“The patients will be able to purchase the Bitcoins on the Murfeesprings website, then send the Bitcoins to the Bitcoin address provided to them, and when the bitcoins arrive, the patient can choose to use the Bitcoin for the cost of their treatment,” McPhersons statement said.

The Murfresons clinic said it plans to allow people to use their Bitcoin to pay for their care.

The clinic is currently accepting donations to help defray operating costs.

Murfreesport, TN (CN) — The Tennessean is reporting that a Nashville-area medical clinic is selling the cryptocurrency Bitcoin.The Tennessee Department…

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