How to deal with men’s health clinics

Male health clinics have been blamed for the recent rise in hospitalisations and deaths linked to opioid overdose, a new report has found.

The report from the charity Movember says that in 2015, there were around 3,000 male health centres in England, a figure which has now risen to 6,000.

In the three years to April 2017, more than 1,600 men died of an opioid overdose in England and Wales, according to figures from the National Health Service (NHS).

The NHS has recorded a further 3,903 deaths linked with opioid overdoses since that time, including a further 6,567 in England in the first three months of this year.

A spokesman for Movember said: “Male health centres are a key component of our work to increase awareness and improve care for people who are at risk of opioid overdoses.”

Our research shows that male health services play an important role in helping people to get the help they need, and we will continue to work closely with them to improve the services they provide to patients.

“A spokesman from NHS England said: ‘We understand the challenges facing male health care and are committed to working with men and women who need help to ensure our services meet their needs.”

We continue to listen to our community, and are working with other providers to develop the right strategies to help people get the care they need.

“This includes working with the NHS to deliver the right level of support to people who need it, and developing an evidence base to support further improvements in male health.”NHS England has a partnership with Movember, the UK’s largest and most influential men’s rights group.

The charity says that although it does not have specific figures on the number of men dying of opioid overdose each year, the rise in deaths from the drug is worrying.

The men’s clinic sector, which is estimated to employ more than 50,000 people across England, is at the heart of the problem, Movember’s research shows.

Its research found that male patients at some male health facilities were more likely to be admitted to hospital with serious and life-threatening conditions than those at non-male health facilities.

Its report said: “The risk of death and hospital admission for men in male healthcare is greater than the risk for women, and the difference is significant in some of the most highly regulated areas of the health care system.”

There are currently no national guidelines for male health, and there are no clear rules about how to manage the risk of dying or hospital admission in male care.

“It is hoped that the findings will help reduce the stigma surrounding male health.

It is also hoped that other countries will learn from the UK.

Male health clinics have been blamed for the recent rise in hospitalisations and deaths linked to opioid overdose, a new…

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