How to find the best VA clinic for your VA health care needs

Here are some of the VA clinics where you can find the most qualified VA doctors and nurses: *We’re not the only VA hospitals that are struggling with a shortage of doctors and nursing home staff.

In fact, a 2016 survey by the Association of American Medical Colleges found that more than half of VA hospitals nationwide were facing “high demand for primary care, urgent care and specialty services,” while more than one in four were facing an acute shortage of skilled nursing home workers.*In New York City, the VA has already begun implementing an aggressive recruitment program for primary-care doctors, but the process has been a slow start, said Barbara St. George, a physician at the VA Health Care System, who is also a medical director at the National Alliance for the Mentally Ill.

The VA currently has a hiring freeze on its first day of hiring for all positions in its hospitals and clinics.

But St. Georges and other VA health officials say they expect to increase staffing levels in the coming months.

“We have to keep our patients well, but we also have to be responsive to the needs of our communities,” St. Gerti said.

St. George said she’s hopeful that, with the help of the Trump administration, the situation will improve by January 2019.

“As the number of new patients gets higher, we’ll have more opportunities to recruit the people who are best suited to serve,” she said.

If you’re looking for a primary-health care physician, St. Giles said, the best way to find one is to look at your area of need.

“In many areas, there’s no shortage of primary-doctor practices,” she explained.

“But if you need a primary care physician in your area, I’d recommend getting an appointment.

The best thing you can do for your health is have a conversation with your doctor.”

And if you’re not a primary caregiver, StGerti suggested, you can always seek out a private clinic, where you will be able to get a referral from your doctor.

“You’re more likely to have a good conversation with a private practitioner if they can help you find a VA facility with good staff,” she added.

“It’s a really good way to meet with your primary-physician doctor.

If you have a general practitioner, I think you can get that referral.

If not, you’ll need to find a private facility.”

Here are some of the VA clinics where you can find the most qualified VA doctors and nurses: *We’re not…

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