How to Get Rid of ‘Pho Pho’ from Your Chicken

Pho pho is a dish of Vietnamese noodle soup with a crispy exterior.

It’s the first thing I get to eat when I’m out of town, and the only thing I’ve ever been really happy with.

I was recently given permission to take a few pieces home and try my hand at making some more pho phon, the most popular noodle dish in the world.

When I finally made my way to the Pho Phon Park in Phnom Penh, I was amazed by how easy it was.

There was a big menu of items to choose from, and they were pretty well stocked.

I ordered my standard bowl of pho, rice, soup, and a bowl of noodles.

Pho is served with a big spoonful of chili powder and black beans, along with a little corn soup, vegetables, and rice.

The dish itself was the highlight of my evening.

It was so easy to make and really flavorful.

I’m glad I found the Phon Phon park in Phnch, Cambodia.

It wasn’t far from my home and it was a quick and easy drive from where I live.

I’d definitely come back to check it out again.

Pho pho is a dish of Vietnamese noodle soup with a crispy exterior.It’s the first thing I get to eat…

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