‘If you do this, you can save the world’: Woman’s mother dies after getting breast implants

A mother of two who was given a breast implant by her late father has died, and the coroner has ruled her death a suicide.

The 28-year-old woman, who cannot be named for legal reasons, died after she fell and hit her head while using a lift at a Cleveland Clinic clinic, the Cleveland Clinic said in a statement on Monday.

“We send our deepest condolences to her family and friends at this difficult time,” the statement read.

“The hospital has established a formal investigation and is awaiting further information.”

The Cleveland Clinic, which runs more than 200 clinics across the United States, said the woman was a patient of its Cleveland Clinic Pediatric Outpatient Services.

She was referred to the hospital after a nurse noticed she had lost her balance and fell into the lift.

A doctor at the clinic, who had not been named, was called to assist the woman, but he failed to notice she was struggling.

“He did see a very faint pulse, which was not consistent with an underlying medical condition, but then his examination of her chest revealed that she had a ruptured aorta, a very serious and potentially fatal condition that can cause cardiac arrest,” Cleveland Clinic medical director John O’Brien told the Cleveland Plain Dealer newspaper.

He said he did not know what caused the woman’s cardiac arrest.

“If you did this, then you can make a difference in the lives of millions of people,” O’Briens said.

A medical examiner’s office in Cleveland said it had ruled the woman had died of a cardiac arrest but did not provide further details.

The medical examiner will determine whether to declare her death as a suicide or homicide.

“The medical examination indicated that her cardiac arrest had been the result of a rupture of aortic aortoid,” Cleveland County Medical Examiner Scott Koval said.

“There was no evidence of any other causes of death, and she was pronounced dead at the scene.”

The woman, from the small village of West Lakeland, was born in 1972 and moved with her family to Cleveland when she was just two years old.

She had been receiving chemotherapy treatments for ovarian cancer and underwent a second implant of the breast pump.

She moved to the Cleveland clinic in September 2009, when she had two surgeries.

It is unclear what led to her death.

A mother of two who was given a breast implant by her late father has died, and the coroner has…

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