‘I’m so sick’: Woman says she was told to leave hospital after undergoing surgery

A woman has described how she was “so sick” after being told to get her IVs out of her veins at a hospital after she underwent surgery for cancer.

The 31-year-old woman, who does not want to be named, was in the hospital in Queens, New York, for surgery for pancreatic cancer when she was placed on the hospital’s IV line.

It is not clear if she was aware that her IV was being tested for hepatitis B and C and if the hospital had told her that she was being taken off the line.

A nurse who was also in the same room with her told ABC News that she did not see anyone checking for those symptoms, which are common in patients with advanced cancer.

“It was kind of weird that she had been given a bunch of stuff to take to the hospital, but it was kind to see,” the nurse told ABC.

The nurse said the nurse had never seen the patient in her life and said that she thought it was a “mistake”.

The nurse also said that the woman was not told about the test result and that she does not think the woman had any problems.

“She has no liver disease and is in excellent health,” she said.

“I do think she needs to get tested more frequently, but I also think she is a patient who needs to know what is going on with her, and she needs help with it.”

Hepatitis B and COVID-19 testing is mandatory in all hospitals in New York.

In a statement, the hospital said the patient had been placed on an IV line after she was admitted to the ER and was immediately moved to the intensive care unit.

“This patient is receiving medical attention, and is now being cared for in the intensive medical unit,” the statement read.

“Her blood count is stable and the patient has no signs of COVID.”

“The nurse is a very well-respected member of the hospital community and has been with us for over three years.”


A woman has described how she was “so sick” after being told to get her IVs out of her veins…

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