Inventor of the DIY surgery revolution, Dr. John Bambi dies at 92

NEW YORK — Dr. John F. Bambis has been hailed as a pioneer of DIY surgery, a technique that he pioneered in New York City and in parts of Europe.

In a post on his website on Thursday, the inventor of the revolutionary surgery called Bambiland “a pioneer of the medical revolution, a pioneer in the art of surgery, and an advocate for a world free of diseases.”

Bambia, who died of lung cancer in New Jersey on Thursday night, had been battling lung cancer since 2006.

His clinic was once a top provider of surgery to low-income residents in the city’s Harlem neighborhood.

Bambi has been credited with helping to turn a neighborhood of mostly African Americans into a hub of alternative medicine, including alternative medicine practices, alternative surgery, alternative medicine for the homeless and holistic medicine.

As Bambias clinic grew in popularity, the hospital where he operated grew in stature, attracting thousands of visitors, and Bambises clinic was renamed Bambies New York.

In his post, Bambian wrote that he hoped to help other doctors and surgeons by “building a community of patients who can work together to help heal our communities and bring about an end to the devastating disease pandemic.”

Bamba said he had been inspired by his mother’s mother, who he said wanted to have a child, and “to help make her own dreams come true.

She did this by creating a home for her child.”

He said that he had hoped to give back to the community by providing the necessary training and training, and by “working with patients in my clinic to help them live better lives.”

While the clinic had a long history in Harlem, Bamba said it had a “long and painful history.”

The Harlem clinic had been operating in a neighborhood where a woman named Dora Mabon had gone to a local clinic for breast cancer treatment.

The mother of three had been given an operation at Bambiamans New York clinic in Brooklyn and later returned to Harlem for surgery.

At Bambishas clinic, the woman was the focus of much of the controversy surrounding the operation, which Bambism said was performed without anesthesia and left her feeling nauseous.

The operation had not been advertised, and the surgeon, who was a close friend of Bambians mother, was not aware of the mother’s medical condition, Bammi wrote.

When Mabons mother had surgery at Bammias clinic, she was told that her mother had cancer and that she needed to go to the doctor immediately, according to Bambilias blog post.

Bamba wrote that the woman, whose name he did not give, was initially reluctant to leave her home, saying, “You’re going to be the one to die.

You’re not going to leave this city.”

Bamba then took her to Bamba’s clinic for a procedure.

“I told her that if she couldn’t go home that she would go to a doctor and she would be fine, but she didn’t care,” he wrote.

“She had a doctor she trusted and who she trusted to see her.”

“It was not a pleasant experience,” Bambili said.

“But the experience was necessary.

I told her, you will never see my face again, but you will feel a difference in your body, in your heart.”

The surgery had been described by many as a success, with patients reporting a reduction in the amount of pain they experienced during the operation and a slight increase in their appetite.

Bombam said he was “very proud” of the results, and was pleased that Mabonis mother, a doctor, would be alive and well to tell her story.

The New York Times reported that Mabbon and her daughter had been told by the surgeon that they would not be able to see Bambist’s operation, but that the surgeon assured her that he would see her as soon as he could, Bomba wrote.

Bumby, who worked for New York’s Department of Health and Mental Hygiene at the time of the surgery, said he thought the procedure was “totally unnecessary.”

“It is a miracle that they survived the operation,” he said.

He added that the procedure did not increase the risk of infection, and that Maborons daughter had already experienced “unpleasant side effects.”

NEW YORK — Dr. John F. Bambis has been hailed as a pioneer of DIY surgery, a technique that he…

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