Medical school graduates in ‘top 10 percent’ of US science graduates: Study

The United States’ top 10 percent of biomedical scientists are the most educated of any major country, a study by the Pew Research Center has found. 

Researchers analyzed data from the National Center for Education Statistics, the Census Bureau, the Bureau of Labor Statistics and the Bureau for Labor Statistics to create the Top 10 Percent of Science Graduates survey. 

The survey showed that the top 10% of biomedical and medical graduates are overwhelmingly white and male. 

A total of 4,056 of the nation’s 3,723 biomedical and 6,923 medical school graduates were from the top ten percent of the US population. 

For all other categories of science graduates, the top-ranked nations were China, Japan, France, Germany and the United Kingdom.

The United Kingdom has the highest proportion of white and non-white biomedical graduates, according to the report.

The top-performing countries are Israel, China and Russia. 

Scientists are among the most likely to be employed in the private sector, according the report, which surveyed more than 4,500 medical school grads in September and October 2016. 

“For some of us, this is the first step to finding a career,” said Daniela Karp, the co-author of the study. 

As of now, only 17% of medical school students are employed in their first year, compared to nearly 30% for law school students, 38% for medical school doctors and 37% for graduate school medical students. 

However, Karp said the future is bright for scientists, given the growing availability of medical training, research and teaching. 

In addition to medical school, the survey also looked at other professions, such as teaching, accounting, nursing, nursing assistants and dental hygienists.

The United States’ top 10 percent of biomedical scientists are the most educated of any major country, a study by…

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