New medical marijuana dispensary opens in rural South Dakota

The new Greenbrier Medical Marijuana dispensary has opened in South Dakota’s rural towns.

The new clinic will be the first of its kind in the state, according to the Greenbriers, a family-owned business.

The Greenbriars will be operating out of a vacant storefront on the property of the Garber family, which is located in Greenbrie, which also happens to be one of South Dakota states largest cities.

The Garber’s home is about 75 miles from the Green Brier.

The Greenbiers hope to open the first clinic in South Dakotas history by the end of the month. 

The GreenBriars are not the first to open a medical marijuana clinic.

Last year, the Green Briars opened in rural West Dakota.

 The Garbers are the first family-run medical marijuana operation in the Dakotan state, and are also the first medical marijuana facility in South America to be certified by the United States Food and Drug Administration.

The Greensboro, South Carolina, dispensary opened in May, but was closed in October due to the ongoing wildfires in North Carolina.

The Green Briers have raised over $30,000 for their legal battle, which was originally scheduled to go to trial in February, but the court-appointed mediator is being paid $1,700 per hour.

The North Dakota Supreme Court, in its ruling last year, ruled that the GreenBrier clinic was not qualified as a medical cannabis facility under the state’s new medical marijuana law, which took effect in November. 

However, the ruling did not address the issue of whether the Garbers were qualified to run the dispensary.

The court also said that GreenbRIebers business model was not similar to the Garbys.

As the legal battle progressed, the Garbrys have raised money through an Indiegogo campaign, but still have not received any money. 

In a statement, Garber said the decision was disappointing but that he hoped to open Greenbries first medical cannabis clinic in the United Sates.

The new Greenbrier Medical Marijuana dispensary has opened in South Dakota’s rural towns.The new clinic will be the first of…

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