Romney says he will spend $1 billion on health care in his first 100 days

Mitt Romney says the first 100 months of his presidency will be a “historic” one, but he won’t put his money where his mouth is by putting it into the nation’s health care system.

The Republican presidential nominee, speaking to a joint press conference at the Gwinett Clinic, said the president-elect is committed to putting $1.5 billion into the country’s health system over the next year.

“That’s the amount of money that we are going to spend this year and the amount that we will spend next year,” Romney said.

“So if you want to spend it on this nation’s infrastructure and we want to invest in our veterans, if you’re interested in making sure that our veterans have access to quality healthcare, that’s the way we’re going to do it.”

Mitt Romney said his first hundred days will be an historic one, saying he will put $1B into America’s health and infrastructure. — ABC News Politics (@ABCPolitics) January 27, 2021In other words, Romney won’t be putting money into the health care industry.

And he said he’ll make sure it stays in America.

Romney, who campaigned on repealing Obamacare, has said he will work to improve the quality of care for veterans, and has proposed that veterans get private insurance.

He has also pledged to create a Veterans Administration fund to help pay for medical care.

On Tuesday, Romney will sign an executive order aimed at making health care more affordable for veterans.

Romney has promised to raise taxes on the wealthy and reduce the number of tax breaks offered to the wealthiest Americans, and he’s said he’d eliminate many of President Obama’s signature campaign promises, such as allowing Americans to deduct the cost of health insurance.

Mitt Romney says the first 100 months of his presidency will be a “historic” one, but he won’t put his…

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