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Obama administration seeks approval for Ebola testing at hospitals

In an unprecedented move, the Obama administration has proposed setting up an Ebola testing program at its hospitals, which are…

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How to save a $300k home in Harrisburg

How to sell a home for $300,000 in just five months with a simple website.It’s called the Hattiesberg Clinic, and…

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How to make your health care system better, simpler, and cheaper: Medica clinic portal

WALGWEN Clinics and Walgreens are expanding their animal clinic portals to expand access to the most affordable healthcare for pets…

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Mere days after the Mandy’s Heart Clinic opened in Hollis, a clinic is now under construction in the same location. Next Big News

Mandy Hill, a patient in the clinic, said she was thrilled when the facility opened last year, as she was…

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How to get help for opioid addiction: How to take care of a loved one

Ohio’s opioid crisis has left a trail of devastation in its wake, but many families aren’t getting the help they…

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