The science of the new face mask

article The idea of using a mask is becoming more common these days, but until now it has been difficult to get one made.

Now, thanks to a partnership between medical device company Clarion and the University of Florida, it may be possible.

The university and Clarion have teamed up to design and manufacture a new face cover that is both lightweight and flexible, while being highly functional.

The result is a mask that can be worn with any device, even those that do not have a face shield.

The new mask is part of Clarion’s $250 million face mask business, which will also include a variety of products that will improve people’s quality of life.

The company said the mask can protect against a variety other serious infections, including HIV/AIDS, malaria and even some cancers.

A small, low-cost prototype, which has already been tested and approved by the FDA, was unveiled at a press conference in November.

The mask can be easily cleaned by hand, which is great for those who might want to keep their faces covered during the winter.

The Clarion face mask will cost $90 for a two-piece set, while the full size is $300.

The masks are expected to be in the marketplace in 2018, though Clarion will keep working on making the product more affordable.

Clarion is the latest medical device manufacturer to find a market for a face mask.

Earlier this year, medical device giant Novartis announced it was launching a $60 mask, which it called the “Surgical Face Mask,” and said it would offer a range of products to patients who are at high risk of serious diseases.

It is currently available in Europe and Asia.

The face mask is not the only medical device being made to protect people from the virus.

In March, medical company Aetna unveiled a $40 mask that will allow people to stay cool and stay hydrated while treating their COVID-19 symptoms.

The device uses technology to prevent COVID from spreading through a skin-to-skin contact.

It can be bought at Walmart, Target and other retailers.

article The idea of using a mask is becoming more common these days, but until now it has been difficult…

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