The world’s first sex therapy centre opens in Adelaide

AUSTIN, Australia— A boutique sex therapy clinic in a city where people spend more time at work than in bed has opened its doors to the public.

The Austin Regional Clinic is in the heart of the city’s commercial district and was built with the support of the state’s new tourism tax.

It opened this week with a small, four-bed clinic that has a private room with a view and is staffed by a staff of about 20.

The clinic was designed to meet the needs of local couples and couples who are single and seeking sex therapy, but it has attracted a few couples who have found the clinic a little too rough.

A spokesperson for the clinic said the clinic was built around couples seeking a safe place to get help.

“In many ways, this is an intimate, intimate space,” the spokesperson said.

“The clinic is also designed to cater for couples looking to get some help with their sexual health issues, so the main focus of the clinic is not just the therapeutic work itself, but also a place to support and encourage couples to be healthy and to have a good time.”

The clinic’s first two weeks were relatively low-key, but that hasn’t changed as the wait list for patients has grown and the clinic has started seeing more clients.

“We’ve had some clients come in and we’ve had people who have come in after two weeks, so it’s been quite the transition,” the clinic’s spokesperson said, adding that the wait for people to be seen in the clinic and be able to get a referral to the treatment centre is about 15 days.

The wait for treatment has grown to a third of the average wait for a first-aid visit.

“I think the most frustrating part of the whole thing is that it is quite a new thing for us,” one patient told the ABC.

“It’s been really hard for us.

It’s just really difficult for us because it’s a really personal thing for everyone here.”

There are no restrictions on the number of people who can come into the clinic.

Patients are encouraged to ask a counsellor if they need help getting to the clinic, but the clinic doesn’t offer therapy.

The clinic has also been criticized for its lack of transparency.

“There’s not a lot of information that is out there, because they’re only open from 1am to 4am, and so there’s only a few people that have a referral from the clinic,” the spokeswoman said.

The spokesperson said the city was still waiting on the state to set up a public health advisory council.

“This has been a very long process and we’re looking forward to the council having a seat in the council, which would enable us to better inform the community about the services that are being offered,” the woman said.

AUSTIN, Australia— A boutique sex therapy clinic in a city where people spend more time at work than in bed…

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