The worst of the worst: The worst thing that ever happened at an emergency pet care clinic

The worst things that ever happen at an urgent care clinic can be horrific, and the worst things they can be for an animal can also be horrific.

But the worst thing an animal has ever done to itself is to get a heart attack, and it’s even worse when you’re an emergency animal veterinarian.

In some cases, the heart attack is so severe that the animal’s body is forced to expel blood.

In others, the animal may die from the embolism.

That means it has no way of escaping the trauma it’s in.

In these cases, it’s up to animal welfare advocates to try to save the animal.

In a study published by the journal Science last year, researchers from the University of California, San Francisco and the University at Buffalo examined animal care facilities around the country.

They found that in those facilities, nearly 40 percent of animal deaths were due to an embolisms or cardiac arrest.

That’s compared to only 5 percent of the general population.

When an animal is found in a care facility, the first thing it wants to do is get medical attention.

But emergency animals don’t have this option.

They have no medical facility.

And it’s not because they can’t breathe.

They’re not even able to breathe normally.

When animals are in a facility, they have no choice but to take their life.

They’re at a critical point in their lives.

It’s a very vulnerable time for animals and we know that, when animals are exposed to trauma, they’re much more vulnerable to having an emboli or cardiac event.

And the worst part of that is that animals don

The worst things that ever happen at an urgent care clinic can be horrific, and the worst things they can…

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