Weight loss clinic: ‘This is not a medical’

Dublin, Co. Tipperary has the largest weight loss clinic in the world.

It has been running for a decade.

It’s in the heart of a town that is known for its bars and pubs.

The facility, called Weight Loss Clinic Dublin, has about a thousand people in its first six months.

Its main aim is to give people the tools they need to lose weight and stay on track.

In the next few years, it expects to have 700,000 people using the program.

This includes the staff, volunteers and customers.

We spoke to two of the program’s doctors.

We also found out what it is like to be part of this clinic.

RTE News reporter Simon Murphy visited the weight loss centre in Dublin and was invited to visit the staff.

This is what they said about their work.

They say there are two reasons they’re here.

One is that they know that people who are losing weight are happy.

And there is also that they are there to support them.

They also say they’re not interested in people getting fat.

It is about the patients and the care they are providing, the people who they are supporting.

But how do you know that you are meeting the right people?

That is a very tricky thing.

It requires a lot of time and training.

The patients have to get used to this sort of care, and to be treated as a person, not just a statistic.

So what do you get out of it?

The people who come to the clinic are very caring.

They are really committed to what they do, and that is why we have such a high rate of referrals.

What’s your message to the people here?

I think that is a key message.

That is the thing about the weight-loss clinic, it is about providing the tools, the support and the motivation to get you there.

What we are really good at is that we help people achieve a sustainable weight loss.

We know that the key to weight loss is not about being fat, but about staying fit.

So I think it’s important to keep saying that it is not weight loss that is the end goal.

That people need to get to a healthy weight, but also that people can be healthy and maintain a healthy lifestyle.

If they stick to that and stick to their diet, then they are better off.

So that’s really important.

But if they get too fat, they are not doing their job, they may be getting themselves into serious health issues.

It really is a personal choice that they make, and I think the people at Weight Loss clinic Dublin, they have got a lot to teach us.

We are all human beings, we have all different needs, and we all need support.

The main message is that everyone is welcome here, everyone is valued and treated as such, and everyone is encouraged to make a difference.

And the staff are very good at that, too.

RENEE WILLIAMS: This is Renee Williams reporting from Dublin.

Dublin, Co. Tipperary has the largest weight loss clinic in the world.It has been running for a decade.It’s in the…

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