What if the NFL went all-in on the eye clinic?

A new NFL clinic is scheduled to open in the coming weeks, with an eye doctor set to offer a new face mask and surgical procedures.

The new clinic will be operated by the Mayo Clinic in Minnesota, the NFL announced Thursday.

Mayo’s Dr. Michael Krali will provide the procedures, including the surgical mask, which is designed to mask the eyes.

The clinic will open for patients with corneal damage and vision loss that affects balance and vision.

The first patients will be in the first week of August.

The new clinic, which will open at the Mayo clinic, will be the first in the NFL, league spokesman Joe Lockhart said.

The Mayo Clinic has operated one of the world’s largest eye clinics, in Columbus, Ohio.

The Cleveland Clinic also operates a clinic in Cleveland.

Mayo is one of a handful of U.S. hospitals that offer face masks to prevent corneas from closing.

The NFL also is considering installing a mask and surgery center in New York.

The league has yet to announce a date for that.

A new NFL clinic is scheduled to open in the coming weeks, with an eye doctor set to offer a…

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