What is a Vet Clinic?

By Simon HradeckyA postscript to our initial coverage of this article on the BBC website, it was revealed that one of the patients at Vet Clinic, in south-east London, had not been admitted for two weeks after his illness, and was being cared for by a different doctor.

We have reported that Dr Chris O’Keefe was a GP who had previously treated the patient at Vet clinic.

The report also said that the clinic had closed in December, although the staff and staff members were able to continue to work there.

The BBC’s investigation has been made public after the BBC contacted Vet Clinic for comment.

The clinic’s website said it had a registered practice, but a spokesman for the Department of Health said it could not confirm or deny whether the clinic was still registered.

He said the clinic would be closed at the end of March and said it would not be able to confirm the status of the clinic.

In a statement on the clinic’s Facebook page, Dr Chris said he was working as a GP in his spare time.

He wrote: ‘I love being a GP and I think I’ve done enough to have a decent life. 

‘I am an experienced GP, so I feel confident that I am up to the task of taking care of anyone who needs it.’

It’s important to be honest and candid with the NHS and patients, and it is not always easy. 

I am hoping that if I can get in touch with my GP I can find a way to talk to him about this situation and give him a chance to get back in touch if he needs to be.’

I have already got in touch to ask him what he wants me to do to make sure this doesn’t happen again and I am happy to do that.’

By Simon HradeckyA postscript to our initial coverage of this article on the BBC website, it was revealed that one…

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