What you need to know about the Ogden Clinic

A former dentist’s clinic in downtown Ogden, Utah, is getting a makeover after being closed for nearly two decades.

According to a news release, the new dental office at 825 South St. will be located in a renovated, two-story building that will feature a new roof.

The building will feature new flooring, granite countertops and more than 200 windows and doorways.

The new office is slated to open in February 2019.

“We are excited to be able to provide the dental services we have for over 25 years to the Ogdis of Ogden,” said Dr. Kevin Kostner, president of the Ogdon Medical Clinic.

“We are thrilled to bring this new dental practice to Ogden and the surrounding communities.”

Kostner said the new office will be the largest dental practice in the area, with over 100 patients.

“The patients at our dental clinic are the same patients who have called us to fill their dental needs for over 20 years,” Kostners said.

“The patients have been coming here for many years and it is really nice to see the first step toward bringing a new dental facility to Ogdis, and to make it part of our community.”

Ogden was established in 1884 and was named a city of Ogdon in 1926.

The clinic opened in 1967, but closed in 1991.

A former dentist’s clinic in downtown Ogden, Utah, is getting a makeover after being closed for nearly two decades.According to…

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