When you don’t know where to look for a pet clinic: What to look out for

Health officials in Ohio have released the results of a nationwide survey of more than 11,000 pet clinics.

The Ohio State Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services said in a statement that the survey results show that “people in the Greater Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky metropolitan area, those who live in a city that is within 100 miles of the area, and those with pets live the most frequently in areas with pet-friendly ordinances.

The survey was conducted from May 20 through May 22, and covered 1,200 pet facilities in the metro area.

The pet-oriented ordinance measures the types of animal care facilities that must be onsite.

Those who live within 100-mile of the city and those who do not live within that distance live the least often.”

The survey also found that those with dogs lived the least in areas that required dog-friendly pet care facilities.

The most frequently reported areas of concern were the Cleveland Clinic and Greater Cincinnati Animal Clinic, the report states.

The report was released as part of a national study of pet care providers.

Health officials in Ohio have released the results of a nationwide survey of more than 11,000 pet clinics.The Ohio State…

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